Oh! Teh Drama (english edition)

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: The coverage of events described in this article are anything but objective, In light of recent events which have took place in our BF community. Warning, the materials you are about to read are far from objective or impartial. Parental discretion is advised but not mandatory!

It all began 8 hours prior to the 2nd leg of the Zalman Cup Qualifiers, not a hint of the shitstorm to come, everyone is meddling their own business, work, studies, sniffing up interesting forums posts…Until «someone» decided to go and check the rules and regulations of the specific Cup.

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That «someone» is our team captain,  ImP. At that time, the management board of the cup proudly sported a rule that each team must play two maps, one map selection per participating team. But! As usual! Rules are on a «recommendedation» basis. Our first opponent, team  Vega, having their own ESL Admin in their line up, decided to alter the rules unannounced.

Vega, unable to field a lineup of pilots for the upcoming match, especially a lineup that will give our pilots the slightest of challenge (After all, they have to face  ClearDarkz,  Kasatka and  Sughart), suggested that we play a card of our choice, but it must not include any air map. Forcing us to play a whole wonderful 4 rounds in the backdrop of the magnificent quarry, Damavand.

Imp, on an act of justice, referred to some of his high-connected friends in the scene and tried to settle the indifference in polite manners. But alas, someone was looking for blood, and blood will be shed. The russian site TotalBF was running some heated debates around the matter for a lengthy period of time until the hammer came down. Imp was barred from all ESL activity for 60 days! Just for daring to tell the admins «Hey, take your corruptness somewhere else». Putin/Medvev anyone?!

Looks like all the pieces are set for a heated battle. Yes!, without our formidable captain, started out strong, with  19003,  iPhace,  End and  Askar just wiping the floor with Vega’s bodies. Be it in a tank, on foot, or just waiting for a spawn. Rapage ensued! All attempts of the enemy to capture point B has failed miserably to the hands of our stone cold killers. Our tank crew ( Batman and  chebyrek) just added more fuel to the fire. Carrying the flag of «justice» to team Vega.

All of the enemies’s fielded vehicles and equipment soon got torched in uncontrolled flames before even reaching their objectives. And Batman successfully neutralized any attempt of the enemy to recoup and mount another attack.

Having won the battle on the ground rapidly, we were waiting on a word from our chopper crew ( Reaver &  ExAiming). Unfortunately, in the air, things weren’t as smooth as on the ground. And our brave pilots were shot down. Nevertheless, quick response to ever-changing situations the boys manage to turn the tides and kept on sweeping Vega’s remains from the ground. A pathetic attempt to drop on our nearest point came to a brutal halt. But it’s not over yet!  19 and  Askar had a few more things to say, defending the nearest point, clinging on their final breath, they manage to yet again wipe the floor with Vega’s frontal assault group, winning an incredible uneven match of 2 vs 6! resulting in Vega’s running around their main base like headless chicken trying to find a grain. A situation that remained until the end of the round.

The begining of the second round was as if it was copied from the 1st. Vega instantly lost the battle for the center point (B). The battle was flowing smoothly and in a relaxed yet vengeful atmosphere. There were zero attempts to even attack their last point, concentrating defensive efforts on point B brought in the victory.

After receiving a total ass-whipping, Vega decided that it is pointless to play the 3rd and 4th round.  We had a very hard time understanding how a team who CHANGED THE RULES to get exactly 4 rounds of the same map (OF THEIR CHOICE), decided to drop the last 2… So on the advice of the good ol` Jeronimo, we went on the TotalBF forums and asked Marki «Hey Mark, Is everything okay?».

We qualified to the next phase of the ill-fated cup, where we are waiting for an air map, which our opponent has to play, unless of course, they have an ESL admin on their team!

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